Youth Public Union "Solyanka"
Popularization of Cycling, construction of Bicycle garages
Who are we?
Student activists A little more than 50 people who dream of comfortable Cycling.

Оur Project

Cycle tourism
Have you been anywhere near Minsk? No? Then let's go camping!
Bicycle for children
Every 2 months, the activists go into schools and talk with children. Teenagers do not have the opportunity to ride a bike. To do this, we collect bicycles and bring them to children.
We like to ride a bike and dress nicely. Therefore, we took up a project that emphasizes our bike. Bike-it's very stylish!
Student Cycling
Commercial and strategic partners. Thank you very much for your support!
Как я могу поучаствовать?
Если хочешь развивать велосипедное движение - добро пожаловать в Солянку!
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